Learn how to open a coconut step by step with pictures!

How To Open A Coconut

Everone has a few problems the first time they try and learn how to open a coconut. These little guys must be the most well protected nut in all of the world, but we humans can't just sit around and let monkeys show us up, right? In this site I will detail the most common method of opening up a coconut along with pictures of the process. It is fairly simple, but does take some time to do.

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how to open a coconut

Are you ready to learn how to open a coconut? Then let's get crackin'! You don't need much to start. A towel, hammer, large nail, and of coarse the coconut we are going to open.

how to open a coconut picture

If you examine your coconut you will see 2-3 dark indentations on one end. These are the weakest points. We will be utilizing these guys to drain the coconut's juice before pulverizing this puppy.

How to open coconuts pictures

Take the hammer and drive the nail through each of the holes. I usually do all of them. Depending on the type of coconut you have this could take a few swings.

how to open coconuts

Place the coconut over a container and give it some time for the juice to drain. If nothing is coming out you can drive the nail through the other side of the coconut to allow air to enter the top while the liquid drains from the bottom. If your nail bends try using a slimmer one (or even a drill), the hole doesn't need to be big.

How To break Open A Coconut

Take the drained coconut and place it in the center of a towel that is large enough to be wrapped completely around it.

How to break open coconuts

Wrap the coconut up in such a way that all of the loose ends are secured underneath of the coconut so that when it breaks open no pieces will go flying.

pictures of opening a coconut

Time for some fun! Grab your hammer and bash away! I wouldn't recommend doing this on your counter, you will need to hit it rather hard. Do it on the floor, or better yet on brick or concrete. Some coconuts have grooves partially cut along the sides to make opening easier. If you have one of these, instead of wrapping up the coconut you can use the opposite end of the hammer and whack it around the groove until it splits in two.

how to open a coconut

Once it's cracked open you can hit it a few more times to try and break up the larger pieces some more. This will make separating the meat from the shell easier.

how to bash open coconuts

Here's your prize, yummy coconut meat. Mmmmmm... Using a small knife, pry the meat away from the shell, be very careful not to cut yourself! Better put on some music, this could take a while.

How to prepare and opened coconut

The thin layer of shell that will cling to most of the coconut meat shards can be cut or scraped away with a sharp knife. Again, be careful. This will take a while to do so don't try and rush.

How to open a coconut

Whew, all done! Go ahead and rinse off your pure-white coconut meat and marvel at its delicious glow. Mmmmmmm. Your storage options include:

Refrigerator (2-7 days)
Freezer (1-3 months)
Shredded/Grated and dehydrated (6-12 months)

I hope you found some value in this instructional guide. If you know of some other methods / tools / tricks on how to open a coconut, please send them my way and I'll add them to the site. I can be reached here:

Thank you everyone who has taken the time to email me about this site, I've been given lots of great feedback and ideas and will update the site soon. In the meatime, here's how the Polynesian's crack coconuts.

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